Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Faith, hope, charity

Christian existence

Artlover, Three sisters

It seems that Benedict XVI had planned a trilogy of encyclicals on the theological virtues: faith, hope (cf. "Spe Salvi", 2007) and charity (cf. "Deus Caritas Est", 2005). Divine Providence has willed that the third of these encyclicals, Lumen fidei, appeared, with the collaboration of the German Pope, now emeritus, in the Year of Faith and in the pontificate of his successor, Pope Francis.

     Since the introduction we have learned about the relationship between these three virtues with reference to the saving plan of the Triune God:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The faith, light that gives life

Is faith an "illusory" light, id est, unreal, misleading and useless, a feeling merely subjective and dark, that has no value of knowledge nor does it provide certainties? Is the Christian faith something that snatches novelty and adventure to life? Is it a mirage that prevents us from advancing with freedom towards the future? These are some of the questions responded to, since its introduction, by the encyclical "Lumen fidei" (29-VI-2013), the first of Pope Francis.

     It lifts up the faith as a gift that enlightens all human reality, giving full meaning to every situation, even through the shadows of death. “ It is this light of faith –says the Pope– that I would now like to consider, so that it can grow and enlighten the present, becoming a star to brighten the horizon of our journey at a time when mankind is particularly in need of light” (n. 4). 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating life

Lisa Ellis,Filled with the Holy Spirit

The gospel (which means good news) is also a great story about human life. We are said that it is a precious gift to be received from God; this gift has to be cared for and celebrated.

     On Sunday June 16th Francis Pope presided the Eucharist as the center of the celebration of the "Gospel of Life". By doing this, he wanted in the Year of Faith to thank God for the gift of human life and proclaim the Christian message about life (the "Gospel of Life" is the title of the encyclical of John Paul II in 1995). He developed his exposure on three points: the Bible presents God as the God of Life, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit bring us life and the third one, following God leads to life.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Educating with a Christian perspective

M. Chagall, Paris Through the Window (1913), 
Guggenheim Gallery, New York

To Educate in Christian perspective is to help 
discover life as a gift provided by God the Father

What is, in the Christian perspective, to educate? What does it require in terms of projects and contents, attitudes and methods? In his Message to the Educational Communities, 2007, Cardinal Jorge M. Bergoglio outlines the Christian educational task as a commitment shared by all, which today a decided boost is required.

Educating in Christian perspective

      To Educate in Christian perspective is to help discover life as a gift provided by God the Father. This includes learning and teaching on how to appreciate life as gift that promotes true freedom, which in turn is configured by love.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holiness: strength, evangelization and concern for the weakest

El Greco, El Expolio (1577-1579) 
Cathedral of Toledo (Spain)

The first saints canonized by Pope Francis on May 12 are almost 800 martyrs of Otranto (Italy), beheaded in 1480, and two religious women from Colombia and Mexico.

     The canonization of the martyrs of Otranto (beatified in 1771 by Clement XIV, Pope Franciscan) had been advanced by Benedict XVI at the same audience in which he announced his resignation (Feb, 11th, 2013).

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ascension and solidarity

Christ Ascension, icon from Michurin, Bulgaria, 16 century.
Burgas Art Gallery

What does the Ascension of the Lord mean? What concrete consequences does it have for our lives? On April 17 Pope Francis dedicated his audience to the article of the Creed on the Ascension of the Lord: "He ascended into heaven and is seated at the Right Hand of the Father".

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Practical atheism and testimony of faith

Cannot the man be happy apart from God? Cannot man be honest, work for the common good, raise a family, serve others, without faith? Could it be that you cannot respect human dignity and freedom without God?

These and other questions can be answered meditating on the words of Benedict XVI, during his general audience on November 14